Amazon CEO To Launch A New Conference For AI And Futuristic Technologies

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Amazon_CEO-To-Launch-A-New-Conference-For-AI-And-Futuristic-Technologies Amazon CEO To Launch A New Conference For AI And Futuristic TechnologiesAmazon, from the last couple of years, has conducted an annual Invite-Only event where billionaires, roboticists, and astronauts talk about the future of technologies. But now the event is being turned to a public conference that leverages a sanguine vision for scientific development. The event will highlight workshops, demos, and chats about Machine Learning and space exploration, and will be held between June 4 and 7 later this year, at Las Vegas.

The earlier Invite-Only conference was called Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space (MARS), and the new event will be its rebranding, named re: MARS. While the previous MARS was unique and utopian, there: MARS’ tenor is hard to judge. But it seems like the Amazon to make burnish of its own cutting-edge reputation. For the event, the company’s statement listed some of the organizations, many futuristic projects, from checkout-less stores to drone deliveries, and just specific demos and workshops for the Amazon products like Alexa and AWS. Amazon CEO said that the event will draw together builders and leaders to share their learning and new thoughts to drive future breakthroughs. In addition, the company’s statement noted that attendees will be able to learn how AI can drive business efficiency, streamline operations, and advance automation.

Although, it’s not defined that other big techies like Google, Facebook, and Tencent with analogous ambitions in AI will demonstrate their innovation. For the event, the speaker also seems to be coming mostly from the academic world, including Ken Goldberg, a roboticist at UC Berkely, and Kate Darling, an expert in robot-human interaction at MIT. The e-Commerce, tech giant will likely flesh out the itinerary in coming days.