Amazon expects to obtain New Artificial Intelligence Tools through Chile’s Space Data

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Amazon_expects_to_obtain_New_Artificial_Intelligence_Tools_through_Chile’s_Space_Data-300x200 Amazon expects to obtain New Artificial Intelligence Tools through Chile’s Space is in discussion with Chile’s officials as there is an immense increase in amounts of data generated by Chile country’s giant telescopes, where Chile has enormous potential in its pristine skies not only in the observation of the universe but similarly in the amount of data observation which certainly helps for Amazon company to develop new artificial intelligence tools.

The discussions are fully aimed to accelerate Amazon growth with AI-based tools that ensure their quality and development in regarding the data support from Chile’s Space technology.

For this project to establish, Amazon executives have been working with the Chilean government for about two years and conquer data.

These talks include discussions about the possibility of Amazon Web Services that is a fast-growing part of Amazon’s overall business
In consideration to Amazon ‘Chile is a very important country for AWS,’ and that is the main reason we kept being amazed at the incredible work on astronomy and the telescopes.

There are some particular tools developed for the astrodata project where they can be applicable to a wide variety of significant uses such as tracking potential shop-lifters, fare-evaders on public transport and endangered animals to build a virtual observatory on the cloud and this same technology could also be applied to medical and banking sets by establishing large datasets. Amazon’s role in the part of astrodata project may also get entry into a market where it is seeking to expand in the field of global cloud computing business, ahead of rivals Microsoft and Google