Amazon Likely To Build Wearable Device That Senses Human Emotions

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Amazon_Likely-To-Build-Wearable-Device-That-Sense-Human-Emotions Amazon Likely To Build Wearable Device That Senses Human EmotionsE-commerce giant Amazon is reportedly working on a health-oriented wearable device that has the ability to leverage voice recognition technology to sense emotional states. The product codenamed Dylan is being developed by the company’s hardware development team Lab126 and its Alexa division. The device, which is designed to be worn on the wrist, seemingly has a form factor like a smartwatch. As reports noted, the e-commerce giant is currently beta-testing the technology which has developed in speakers to pick up vocal inflections and commands.

The technology is grounded in research regarding vocal biomarkers that can pick up issues like anxiety or function as a diagnostic aid. In this regard, San Francisco-based Ellipsis Health and Boston-based Sonde Health are operating in a similar space. While the popularity of Amazon Echo smart speakers devices are on the rise, the e-commerce giant has expanded the use of voice skills across a range of applications and has embedded its voice recognition in hardware including its Fire video streaming sticks, and its Echo Auto dashboard device. However, the company has remained quiet on the report, but the news reports highlighted the company’s earlier patent filings for a voice software solution that can leveraged voice patterns to distinguish every emotions state like joy, anger, fear, sadness, boredom, stress, among others.

Moreover, a wearable device would also extend the Amazon’s data collection tools outside of its environment through a device which is directly on a user’s body, most likely gathering and tracking insights all through the person’s daily life. It’s also offering an even closer touch point with the company’s growing retail and health network.