Amazon plans for Alexa Microwave and more soon in the upcoming days

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Amazon_plans_for_Alexa_Microwave_and_more_soon_in_the_upcoming_days-300x225 Amazon plans for Alexa Microwave and more soon in the upcoming daysAmazon unleashed a ton of Alexa devices on the world roughly this time last year that also includes Spot and new Echos. Now the company has got something to follow on this year with some new advanced devices.

According to a recent report, the E-Commerce giant is planning to release at least eight Alexa hardware devices at a specific event later this month. This diverse list certainly includes an automotive gadget, amplifier, a receiver and a subwoofer by which the company can directly compete with the likes of Sonos.

The automotive companies like Garmin had already offered in-car Alexa products, while the remaining carmakers have begun incorporating the assistant into their infotainment systems. The company has appeared more inclined to third parties to detect Alexa design and low-cost Echo products where the design feel is great.

Now the most interesting device from the Amazon is a voice-powered microwave oven where the voice assistant would make sense on this upcoming appliance, this also gives proprietary to the device that would be ambitious for a company which had already partnered with multiple appliance makers.