Amazon Plans To Launch Improved Version Of The Ring Spotlight Cam, Model C30, Very Soon

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Amazon_Plans_To_Launch_Improved_Version_Of_The_Ring_Spotlight_Cam_Model_C30_Very_Soon Amazon Plans To Launch Improved Version Of The Ring Spotlight Cam, Model C30, Very SoonAmazon-owned Ring very soon will be launching a new and improved Spotlight Cam, dubbed “C30,” based on its recent filing with the FCC. While the recent filing doesn’t delve much into product related details, many external and internal cam shots were included in the filing document, which also includes the installation process.

The cam, which comes with a wireless design, eventually will have a base measuring 4.5 inches, from front to back, and its height will be around 7.25-inches (with the base installed). The user manual referenced the use of a Ring Beams Bridge and a smartphone for setup of the floodlight-enabled security device. The biggest improvement from its earlier variants is the use of light amplification, here light reflectors are placed alongside a much brighter light, similar to a car headlight, to amplify the lighting, the whole setup is placed in a semi-circular recess just above the camera lens.

The design is a definite upgrade over the original Ring Spotlight Cam, launched in late 2017, as it efficiently utilizes the small space occupied by the security device.

The unit is powered by 4, D cell batteries, and comes with built-in Bluetooth 4.2 but there’s no indication of traditional Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead, the unit comes equipped with IoT-specific ‘Lora’ antenna to sync with the Ring Beams Bridge and facilitates user interaction with the device, through the bridge.