Amazon Prime Reading Benefits


Amazon Amazon Prime Reading BenefitsAmazon’s root business is as a bookseller and that is exactly what they are doing right now. Prime reading is the newest advantage for those who have subscribed to the Amazon Prime membership along with two-day free shipping of many products. United States members will have unlimited access to the magazine, short reading materials, and comics. All that the users need is a Kindle app on their smartphone or an e-reader. Over a thousand popular books are been provided by the company. The titles include thriller and suspense titles like Red Sparrow and The Butterfly Garden and The Hobbit and Harry Potter. From technologies and home improvement to sports and cooking will be included in the magazine section said the company but they did not include any specific names.


The company already has a lot of experience and data in reading and books probably more than any other company does in the world and now adding this prerequisite makes lot of sense. This experience is reflected in the collection of reading material it is providing. The Company identifies how to enhance for maximum involvement from book lovers, and the more inspiring metrics it can report back to investors and advertisers, the better the relationship Amazon can nurture with them.