Amazon rolls out the Alexa Guard Security feature for Echo Devices

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Amazon-rolls-out-the-Alexa-Guard-Security-feature-for-Echo-Devices Amazon rolls out the Alexa Guard Security feature for Echo DevicesAs per recent reports, on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 Amazon started rolling out the new Alexa Guard security and smart home feature for Echo voice-assistant smart speakers.

Last year, in Sep. 2018 Amazon introduced the Alexa Guard and in Dec. 2018, it started rolling out a limited beta trial. The Alexa Guard security is now openly available to all US Echo customers. This remarks a huge leap in the security industry, enabling ADT or Ring professional monitoring users to configure their echo speakers to forward alerts to their providers.

Although the Alexa Guard security is a free feature, it needs manual activation. After completing the setup process, all users have to do is say “I’m leaving,” which will automatically initiate the switch command to Away mode. A rotating white light will be animated by the light ring on non-screen Echo devices, indicating when Guard is in Away mode and on screen devices, a shield icon will display on the home screen indicating the switch to Away mode.

Users can disarm the Guard by saying “I’m home,” this will again initiate a switch command to Home mode. Moreover, users can also switch modes i.e. toggle between modes using the Guard section in Alexa app. Away mode is precisely programmed for Echo devices to recognize and react to three distinct sounds – smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, and breaking glass.