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Amazon Subtly Launched Server Migration Service

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Amazon-Subtly-Launched-Server-Migration-Service-300x129 Amazon Subtly Launched Server Migration ServiceAmazon quietly launched a cloud service this week in anticipation of simplifying the process of moving legacy applications to the cloud. To set up the incremental duplication of virtual machines from their on-premises organization to Amazon’s cloud the appropriately dubbed ‘Server Migration Service’ will help the IT Teams. To take advantage of the cost savings and performance benefits more organizations are embracing the public cloud. Legacy applications that take the time to migrate and require high uptime can be a pain while moving to the cloud. The process will be simplified by the Server Migration Service and in order might lead to additional cloud adoption.


The virtualized server environment will be analyzed and data regarding the instances they are using will be collected when the IT administrators install a connector. Examine the catalog of virtualized servers running in an environment and view all the operating connectors will be possible from the AWS Management Console. Administrators can manage and create duplication jobs to take the data of a VM and replicate it as an Amazon Machine Image stored in the AWS EBS (Elastic Block Store) service. It’s possible to spin up a new occurrence that should be a duplicate of what’s running on-premises from there either for getting it running in production or for testing the replicated VM.