Amazon to start the Drone-Delivery process in ‘months’

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Amazon-to-start-the-Drone-Delivery-process-in-months Amazon to start the Drone-Delivery process in 'months'E-commerce giant, Amazon in its recent statement on Wednesday, Jun. 5th 2019, has announced that its self-piloted package delivery drones will very soon be a reality. Amazon, in the coming few months, plans on utilizing these drones to deliver packages to shoppers’ home. The Seattle-based retail pioneer has not yet announced the exact date when its drones will start making deliveries or the regions where these drones will be making deliveries.

Amazon claims that its new drones, by utilizing computer vision and machine learning technologies, are adept at detecting and avoiding people or clotheslines in the backyard while landing.

“From paragliders to power lines to a corgi in the backyard, the brain of the drone has safety covered,” says Jeff Wilke, who oversees Amazon’s retail business.

According to Wilke, these drones, which are fully electric, have a 24 km fly range, can complete deliveries in 30 minutes, and have a payload capacity of 5 pounds (2.3 kg).

It’s been years since when Amazon started working on drone deliveries. Earlier, in Dec. 2013, Amazon’s CEO & founder Jeff Bezos told that drones would be flying to customer’s homes within five years. But that deadline has already long passed owing to regulatory approvals and hurdles.

Earlier this year, in Apr. 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the sole authority in the US that regulates the commercial use of drones, approved a Google subsidiary to make drone deliveries in parts of Virginia.

Also, according to Wilke, Amazon is already in talks with several regulatory agencies to get approval for the drone-delivery process. “We expect to do it within months,” Wilke adds.