Amazon’s AWS Introduces New Capabilities for Its Artificial Intelligence Services

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Amazons_AWS_Introduces_New_Capabilities_for_Its_Artificial_Intelligence_Services Amazon's AWS Introduces New Capabilities for Its Artificial Intelligence ServicesAmazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday revealed new capabilities for three of its Artificial Intelligence services the text-to-speech service, Amazon Polly; the real-time translation service, Amazon Translate; and the multi-language transcription service, Amazon Transcribe.

The expanded capabilities follow a series of similar announcements that was made recently, and all in advance of the annual AWS Re: Invent conference. Last year’s Re: Invent conference was used to roll out a slew of new services, with several bringing customers new Machine Learning capabilities including Amazon Translate and Amazon Transcribe. AI and Machine Learning are fast moving from a competitive advantage in the Cloud to table stakes, so it makes sense for AWS to advance its existing services ahead of this year’s conference. Specifically, Amazon has announced support for 14 new languages, distinct accents and voices across Polly, Translate and Transcribe.

Amazon Polly customers now have access to new voices for Castilian Spanish and Italian, together with a New Mexican Spanish voice. That brings the Amazon Polly portfolio to 57 voices across 28 languages. Amazon said that Polly uses Deep Learning to synthesize speech and sound like a human voice. Customers can incorporate it into their applications without any Machine Learning skills. With, Amazon Translate customers are getting access to new languages including Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Korean, and Indonesian where the neural machine translation service now supports 21 languages and 417 translation combinations. As for Amazon Transcribe, customers are getting access to new accents comprising British English, Australian English, and Canadian French. This Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) service enables developers to add a speech-to-text capability to their applications.

Amazon is also adding streaming transcription to Transcribe, allowing users to pass a live audio stream to the AWS service and get text transcripts in real time. The new feature could be useful for various use cases and industries, including media, courtroom record keeping, finance or call centers.

Amazon has also modernized its Amazon Comprehend, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) service that uses Machine Learning to identify text. Comprehend has another Amazon’s service launched at last year’s Re: Invent conference now comprises support for French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Additionally, Amazon has expanded the service to spot natural language terms and classify text that’s specialized to a customer’s team, business or industry.