Amazon’s Sustainability Data Initiative Leverages Open Data And Cloud

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Amazon’s_Sustainability_Data-Initiative-Leverages-Open-Data-And-Cloud Amazon’s Sustainability Data Initiative Leverages Open Data And CloudAmazon has announced last month Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative, a program intended to promote sustainability research, innovation, and problem-solving by creating key data easily obtainable and even more extensively available. The Amazon’s Initiative leverages Amazon Web Services’ technology and measurable infrastructure to structure, evaluate, and distribute data, and the initiative is a joint effort of the AWS Open Data and Amazon Sustainability teams.

The AWS Open Data program already makes plentiful datasets accessible to the public through its registry of Open Data on AWS. The initiative classifies foundational data for sustainability and works closely with data providers like NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to host their data in the AWS Cloud by providing them complete possession and control over how their data is distributed. The company has maintained their offerings easier access to immense datasets in the Cloud will assist researchers and innovators address an extensive range of sustainability challenges, like the impacts of climate change and weather extremes. The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative, by taking out the challenge of data acquisition, allows faster research at a lower cost.  To promote application development, researchers can apply for AWS Promotional Credits through the AWS Cloud Credits for Research program. By offering easier access to sustainability data sets, it will aid researchers and innovators deal with an array of sustainability concerns, including the impact of climate change and weather extremes.

Co-founder of Jupiter Intel that assists organizations prepare for climate change and weather risks, Josh Hacker, stated that AWS enables his company to do things at a scale that have not been performed at scale before. The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative will help the company’s clients in their sustainability work so that innovators and researchers are supported with the data, tools, and technical expertise they need to shift sustainability to the next level.