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AMD’s Vega GPU: What All We Know About It

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AMD’s-Vega-GPU-What-All-We-Know-About-It-300x129 AMD’s Vega GPU: What All We Know About ItThe upcoming GPU code-named Vega was a mystery been kept by AMD. Here is the latest update. It will be rolling out sometime first half of 2017. Mark Papermaster, chief technology officer at AMD said in a statement at the Deutsche Bank 2016 Technology Conference in Las Vegas that first Vega GPU will be targeted at the high-end PCs. AMD’s roadmap mentioned a time frame of next year and some others estimated it to be late this year so the release date is not clear yet.


Compare to AMD’s Polaris the Vega GPUs will provide significant power efficiency and performance improvements Papermaster added. Systems requiring high-performance GPUs like Virtual Reality, Gaming, and others. With AMDs Zen chips equipped desktops will be a great partner for the Vega GPUs. The Zen chips are expected to be widely available in the market starting next year. The Zen chips are specifically targeted for high-performance and the company is hoping to regain its lost glory in the server and PC market with these chips. The Zen chips will be octa-core.


Lisa Su, CEO of AMD hinted a mega chip targeting high-end computers and servers which will combine a Zen CPU and a GPU (possibly Vega GPU), which is expected to see the daylight nest year.