America to accelerate its EV Eco System as Audi Partners with Amazon

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America_to_accelerate_its_EV_Eco_System_as_Audi_Partners_with_Amazon-300x169 America to accelerate its EV Eco System as Audi Partners with AmazonAudi plans every aspect to partner with Amazon and VW Group unit to Electrify America as the automaker in delivering first all-electric SUV to U.S. dealerships in the upcoming year.

The E-Tron is the first of three battery-electric vehicles that Audi is planning to make debut in 2020. This E-Tron that is trying to aim at Tesla joins in the SUV of luxury electric vehicles.

The Audi partnerships with Amazon, Electrify America and utility service Arcadia Power forms EVs Ecosystem. Nowadays it’s not fully enough to produce a nice looking electric vehicle but also customers are expecting a switch from gas-powered to electric-powered vehicles with fast charging conveniences, hence E-Tron is designed in such a way to set up easy fast charging at home and fuel up on the road when it is necessary.

This is Amazon first-ever collaboration with an automaker to deliver E-Tron owners the option to use Amazon Home Services to prepare their home installation chargers where Amazon Home Services will provide Audi E-Tron owners to learn about EV home charging installation and equipment including pricing for electrical.

Audi E-Tron is backed up with 1,000 kilowatt-hours of power to run over four years through Electrify America’s chargers. By July 2019, this network will set up 500 fast-charging sites across 40 states and 17 metro areas, according to Audi. With the third partnership of Audi with Arcadia, owners can set their home electricity consumption with renewable energy to reduce their monthly electricity tasks.