An NFC-Powered Health Monitoring Patch That Looks Like A Tatoo

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An-NFC-Powered-Health-Monitoring-Patch-That-Looks-Like-A-Tatoo-300x129 An NFC-Powered Health Monitoring Patch That Looks Like A TatooNew in town is a health monitoring patch without the need of a battery. The idea is to monitor heart rate and sun exposer using light pulse. John Roger an electronics innovator at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign created a stretchy skin patch to be used as a health monitor.


The gadget uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip in your phone to power itself rather than a conventional battery. This NFC communication between the phone and the device also transmits necessary data required. The use of LEDs to measure blood oxygen level means a huge step forward into making the health monitoring gadget smaller, cheaper and lightweight.


Rogers is a professional in the epidermal electronics field and has developed various devices with unified LEDs. This device usually has a similar appearance with stretchy materials with a tiny bit of electronics and sensors connected with spring-like wires. Though his latest invention puts together several his previous innovations at the Lexington, Massachusetts. His inventions such as a sensor using light-sensitive dyes to measure UV exposer are also marketed by the company L’Oreal as the My UV Patch.


The only drawback of this battery-less design is the person wearing this device has to be in the range of an NFC transmitter, but considering the fact that nowadays not many leave their smartphone behind this drawback can be refuted.