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Android Lock Screen To Feature Cortana

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Android-Lock-Screen-To-Feature-Cortana-300x129 Android Lock Screen To Feature CortanaCortana from Microsoft, the Artificial Intelligence-based digital assistant that aimed for the universality has some cool new tricks upon its sleeves after it was made available on Android, Windows 10 and iOS. The Android app is being updated with the ability to place the app right on your lock screen. Through the apps beta program, the feature is now under testing. The product is scheduled for release to thegeneral public in next few weeks. The Cortana on the lock screen of your Android phone will be available once the update starts to roll out. With just one swipe of the finger and Cortana will be available as an internal app.


There is a flaw, though, the availability of Cortana on the lock screen means anyone who can get their hands on your phone can gain access to all the information that Cortana have access. It is expected that Microsoft will resolve this issue prior to release to the general public. The update will be rolling out soon, however, if you want to have access to the feature now you can enroll yourselves to the Microsoft’s Cortana Beta program. Either case the waiting period will not be long.