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Android Nougat To Run On NextbitOS

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Android-Nougat-To-Run-On-NextbitOS-300x129 Android Nougat To Run On NextbitOSFor less resourceful third parties it is quite hard to stay on track despite the Nougat being out for a while now. A preview of the software of the Nextbit Robin is finally rolling out a year after its original announcement. Here is actually good news, there’s a 7.0 update for both Nextbit’s version of the system that is a beta said the company and one made in association with the team behind Paranoid Android. In order to get the former update all you have to do is to enroll yourself in the Nextbit beta program. Once done users will receive a notification regarding the same in next 24 hours. Robin is not only receiving the NextbitOS the Nougat-released treatment.


There is a double benefit of the association of developers over at Paranoid Android. With help from each other, the process of putting Nougat on NextbitOShas been made quicker. This instead permitted the PA team to get a very well ordered, Nougat-based, Robin-optimized version of their own ROM prepared for prime time. The build though is not yet live but is expected to be very soon. In order to deliver the users with best possible experience, the developers were putting in a lot of effort.