Android Version-9 (Pie) is updated with cool features of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is updated to the latest Android version-9 pie that comes with an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature that enables the device performance well advanced. This OS is designed so as to identify users behavior, and apply their needs in the functioning of a smartphone experience, with this experience you can jump right into the action that you user want to perform which eventually saves battery power for the apps you use most and it instantly helps to disconnect from your phone at the end of the day and by this Android 9 adapts to user life and behaves as per the user mindset.

Efficient Brightness and Minimization in battery backup:
This feature ensures Adaptive Brightness that adjusts the brightness as per the light conditions and implements Adaptive Battery backup to minimize the apps that are running in the background, here the android uses the AI to customize and improve phone’s performance.

Users of the Android P beta program on Google Pixel phones found 20percent better performance in the battery than the previous Android versions without AI.

Strong Security
Security has been upgraded to a huge level in Android 9 with an improved security model for biometrics. A secure and dedicated chip is enabled for hardware security capabilities to protect sensitive data, such as credit card information and private data of the users. Android 9 chooses the TLS protocol by default that protects all Web communications and keeps them private and secure.

Multi-Camera and HEIF Support:
Multi-camera support is a potentially cool feature because it impacts the HD resolution of a picture with mixed reality and virtual reality experience. Here the first camera acts as a primary camera for taking pictures of high pixel density and secondary camera is responsible for bokeh effects and portrait shots. AI maximizes the camera performance with reference to the certain Megapixels of the camera.