Anelto Health with AT&T 4G has Redefined Remote Patient Monitoring in the Senior Space


With AT&T connectivity, Anelto Health delivers unique Remote Patient Monitoring that is focused around Anelto Health’s 2-way cellular hub. The 2-way cellular hub is equipped with the latest 4G technology and innovative natural voice response system

1-1 Anelto Health with AT&T 4G has Redefined Remote Patient Monitoring in the Senior SpaceThe Colony, TX: Anelto Health, a division of Anelto, Inc., a leader in the PERS space, has launched its new Remote Patient Monitoring (platform that integrates with software systems for Chronic Care Management, Care Management, or Transitional Care Management). The 2-way dynamic voice hub pairs with vital sign monitors and activity trackers to help improve the health of the senior and to help reduce unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations through built in alerts and dynamic, intuitive patient reactive questionnaires and 24/7 clinical call center.

“AT&T provides all of Anelto’s IoT wireless communications service. We greatly appreciate the reliability and performance of AT&T’s networks”, said David Fronk, SVP of Business Development and Sales at Anelto Health. “We also have the opportunity to make Remote Patient Monitoring affordable and effective today. That will transform the way chronic conditions are managed and deliver better quality of life for millions of people.”

“The increase in the senior population coupled with rising healthcare costs puts a strain on resources – both physical and financial”, said Tad Reynes, director Connected Health Strategy and Development, AT&T.  “Connectivity underlies everything we do.  When coupled with Internet of Things technology, connectivity has the power to positively impact our lives and shape our experiences.”

This new efficient way of caring for seniors outside of their doctor’s office can reduce the cost associated with caring for this subset of the population while leading to improved clinical outcomes and quality of life, allowing seniors to “age in place” longer and keeping them out of assisted living, nursing homes or the ER

The additional benefits Anelto Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring System potentially include:

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Always on with a 3-day emergency battery pack for times when power is out.
  • Comes with a friends and family app to keep up with your loved one. Monitor their chronic disease care and activity, while communicating with them and offering encouragement.
  • Fun activities and communications to keep the senior engaged and help with loneliness.
  • 24/7 clinical call center support at the push of a button. Programmable call functionality to allow only their doctor or care team to call into the hub relieving the stress of answering the phone of an unknown caller.

To know more about Anelto Health or its Remote Patient Monitoring Platform:  Visit its website, request a white paper or find more information at .