AppDynamics Releases New Platform For AIOps

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AppDynamics_Releases-New-Platform-For-AIOps AppDynamics Releases New Platform For AIOpsAppDynamics, an application performance management, and IT operations analytics company acquired by Cisco, released a new platform Central Nervous System that will consolidate all the areas of its application monitoring business. The platform also supports the company position itself with an AIOps mindset which utilizes Artificial Intelligence to automate IT operations for navigating the difficulties of the contemporary environment.

As said by the senior director of technology strategy at AppDynamics, Matt Chotin, the company’s platform considered the Central Nervous System that is propped up by visibility, insight, and action. He said that technology ecosystems are getting extremely large and too dynamic to manage manually. Therefore, IT modifies and adopts an AIOps mindset to navigate this challenge. The company sees AIOps as a philosophy that values prophecy over reaction, answers over the investigation, and action over analysis. The Central Nervous System is an extensible, open platform that will embrace third-party systems to feed data, compare and interpret across domains for automatically remediate difficulties, and optimize performance. As part of the platform’s launch, AppDynamics introduced three new products, in which two products support the visibility pillar- a serverless agent for AWS Lambda environments and an application monitoring tool for Cisco ACI. And the third product that falls within the insight pillar is a Machine Learning engine.

While AppDynamics is not yet declared anything about the action pillar, it has been performing numerous works with its allies to automate the tasks in such areas like workload optimization,  incident response, and release orchestration, Chotin added. It’s the beginning of the company, AppDynamics will keep on to develop reference architectures for its clients, with functionality to support them on that part of the journey.