Apple: Enhanced 3-D touch can change the way you browse you phone

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Apple-Enhanced-3-D-touch-can-change-the-way-you-browse-you-phone-300x168 Apple: Enhanced 3-D touch can change the way you browse you phoneWith the launch of iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Apple also launched a new feature that can detect the pressure of touch called 3-D Touch.  Whether you want a peek or access the app depends with how much pressure you are applying on the touchscreen. But it remained a dormant feature and not much of use till now.People may not be using this feature much these days but 3-D touch is enhanced & more deeply integrated into iOS 10 which will rolling out this fall. By making it an essential part of lock screen, Apple is displaying the true purpose of this revolutionary feature.

3-D touch is nothing but addition of Z-axis to the touchscreen. The soft press called “Peek” allows you to preview things such as the photographs in the folder, message in your inbox at a glance and the harder press opens whatever you are glancing at with a pop.

The lock screen in iOS 10 will wake up when you pick up your phone. You must be thinking what is new in that? Although many other brands have surpassed the feature that Apple have but the implementation of 3-D touch is going to make a difference. With 3-D touch you can preview the score, track the location of your Uber driver, directly reply to text and e-mails directly from your lock screen.

Even though this revolutionary feature is not going to touch all parts of your OS but 3-D touch can definitely change the way you access your phone.