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Apple is now all set with its new Privacy Policy, making it safer than ever before.

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apples_-new_-privacy_-policy-300x188 Apple is now all set with its new Privacy Policy, making it safer than ever before.The news of data breaches at different tech companies becoming popular, the European Union passed a strict notice for stringent GDPR rules which is now being implemented in Apple by tightening up their App Store.
It’s high time for apple now to create a privacy policy on all the future updates and new apps its’ launching and also have to provide a link to the developers’ privacy policies for the transparency of their policies. Previously as we all know that Apple usually required any apps to have a subscription model to link with their privacy policies, conferring to the Verge anticipated.
Apple has already conversed with the developers about the new requirement which went into effect from Oct. 3 of this year. From now on apps will be automatically removed if they don’t include a privacy policy and this as well applies for updates and new app releases coming here after. To understand in simple terminology, any changes made to an app without a privacy policy will now have to include one which is made mandatory. Hmm planning to launch a new app, then look into the apps privacy policy first.
The new featured rule offers an extra layer of protection for Apple apps and its users giving them a more secured space than ever before. With the responsibility of data handling and other related aspects were first handled by the app developer themselves, Apple is now emphasizing its role, as a platform delivering those apps to users as well. This move marked more responsibility on the shoulders of Apple, which often flaunted itself as a tech company that is focused on upholding security when the topic is on users’ data and privacy. By now, Apple also has made a guide for best practices regarding privacy policies.