Apple making an effort to smarten up SIRI

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Apple-making-an-effort-to-smarten-up-SIRI-300x129 Apple making an effort to smarten up SIRIApple’s virtual assistance SIRI to be smarter it needs a lot more people using it with a much bigger database. Aimed at this Apple brought SIRI to Mac and hence to the third party developers.

At the Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) keynote the company enlightens its plan to open SIRI to third party developers. This step taken by Apple will allow third party apps to respond to SIRI’s voice command. Even five years after the announcement of SIRI it has been a disappointment only.

With the Google about to launch the AI based assistance, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa on the table Apple is outnumbered. One of the AI and machine learning is that the more data they get the smarter they became. For that kind of information SIRIneeds to connect to more human beings and in the process get more data. Apple can’t only rely on humans for data too, if SIRI is integrated into third party apps it can capture data more efficiency.

With this effort from Apple to expand SIRI’s intelligence, its competitors will be on their toes too. This cold war type situation is going to impel the AI technology to a whole new level.