Apple obsolete the standalone Thunderbolt Display

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Apple-obsolete-the-standalone-Thunderbolt-Display-300x129 Apple obsolete the standalone Thunderbolt DisplayThe Thunderbolt Display is a much-appreciated display for the iMac and MacBook has been discontinued by Apple. Users have been anticipating an update since the display was last updated in 2011.  As off now there is no announcement from apple about any kind of replacement about the display, although there is a rumor of a 5K display to be released by Apple for its Mac. Though even the high-end Mac is not equipped enough to handle a 5K display, maybe Apple will add a Graphics card in its future models. The Thunderbolt display is available in Apple’s online store but only till stock last.

“We are discontinuing the Thunderbolt display. Although it will be available at, Apple Authorized Resellers, and Apple retail stores while supply last. Even though there are a few third-party options available for the Mac users but they will not be available on any Apple Stores.

We have not seen any major refresh in either the iMac or the MacBook lineup in recent times, so there is a possibility that the iMac and MacBook will get a facelift in the days to come. But whether these facelifts will coincide with any Apple display to compliment them still remains a question