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Apple Planning A One Guide Approach For Apple TV

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Apple-Planning-A-One-Guide-Approach-For-Apple-TV-300x129 Apple Planning A One Guide Approach For Apple TVA decade ago Apple announced its own set-top box for the Apple TV service since then the company has dozens of different ways to conquering the TV Business. But after Steve Jobs idea of building their own TV set being disillusioned and declined to acquire Hollywood Studios Apple give the impression to have let down its aspirations.


A report said the company is planning on creating a single virtual guide showing all the programs running via different apps available at the moment. Results from all the apps will show up in the guide search. Other devices like iPad and iPhone will also show the guide. This guide will make the Apple TV more useful even though this is not a major breakthrough.


Currently, if a user wants to watch a famous movie he has to dive into multiple apps namely ShowTime, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Go etc. to see where the particular movie is available. Users can’t even rely on the browsing history if they have already watched the movie previously on one app as the subscription changes frequently.


The real challenge surfaces to the guide’s idea is real-time sharing of the offering of the app owners is needed if Apple if intended to make the app useful.