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Apple Seems To Be Making An AR Product

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Apple-Seems-To-Be-Making-An-AR-Product-300x129 Apple Seems To Be Making An AR ProductTim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. said that AR (Augmented Reality) is larger when compared to VR (Virtual Reality). He added Augmented Reality allows the user to be very present. He explained that the Virtual Realities immersive and enclosed experience is really a cool thing in here but there is less commercial interest over time in this. With the blockbuster Pokemon Go gaming app which imposes characters from the game into the surrounding of the player, Apple has made incursions into Augmented Reality.


Apple’s interest in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality had been made clear by Cook last year. He also said “Apple is high on AR” during the company’s earnings call in July. The company was doing a lot of things behind the curtain, he mentioned in a statement in an interview in August. As a result of the acquisition of the Augmented Reality Company Flyby in January, the company was granted a patent for a 3D navigation system in August.


Alphabet Inc. Company Google (GOOG) introduced the Augmented Reality into the market for the first time with Google Glass. The goggle-like device let the user be connected on the go but it failed to take off. With Magic Leap’s (startup) applications the Mountain View Company is expecting another chance at the consumer market. With Hololens, Microsoft has also joined the race of Augmented Reality last year.