Apple Takes Machine Learning-Based Startup Laserlike To Make Siri Smarter

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Apple_Takes-Machine-Learning-Startup-Laserlike-To-Make-Siri-Smarter Apple Takes Machine Learning-Based Startup Laserlike To Make Siri SmarterTech giant Apple has acquired a Silicon Valley-based Machine Learning startup Laserlike, to help improve Siri become superior at delivering personalized results for users. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Laserlike utilized Machine Learning to collect the volume of information from across the web, and then deliver user-centric outcomes to an eponymous app. That means if users could submit their interests as plain-language to the app, it would then surface outcomes that could be browsed like news and shared socially through an in-app inbox. Moreover, Laserlike’s technology could be utilized to suggest additional sites to visit based on a user’s browsing habits.

As per the reports, Laserlike’s team has joined Apple’s Siri team under Senior VP John Giannandrea, and will assist Siri’s search initiatives following the recent departures of Siri VP John Stasior and search head Vipul Ved Prakash. With this acquisition, Laserlike team will be working with to advance Siri’s long-troubled ability to attain germane insights from the web. As issues are partially owing to errors in language parsing and identification, the quality of Siri’s web search outcomes has long been on average and could advantage from a smart web canvassing system.

The Laserlike’s acquisition reportedly might support Siri to surface automatically grabbed relevant insights to a user in Suggestions, an existing iOS capability. For recent months, the American multinational tech firm has been in the spree of Artificial Intelligence-related hiring process. Additionally, apart from hiring Giannandrea and upping its attempts to procure new Siri engineers, the company brought a privacy-focused AI device maker, Silk Labs. It’s also seeking someone to examine and elucidate Siri’s numerous issues to executives.