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Apple To Miss Out AirPods First Sales

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Apple-To-Miss-Out-AirPods-First-Sales-300x129 Apple To Miss Out AirPods First SalesIt is not the first time when Apple fails to ship the AirPods, the wireless earbuds before the holiday sales season. Alongside the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus the company has launched the $159 AirPods with a promise that the product will be available in the month of October. However, later the same month Apple has announced that the product will be delayed. The company said in a statement that they would need a little more time before the AirPods are ready for their customers. The company didn’t provide any reason for the postponement or rescheduling of the product. The company will miss an important sales season mentioned a report. While blunders like this areunusual for Apple, it’s not the first time Apple has either launched new hardware with so little inventory or on hold an announced product that months-long shortages happenalmost suddenly.

The AirPods are going through the similar situation as the 2010-2011 misstep. As the company introduced the iPhone 4 in 2010 Apple said they would sell a first ever white smartphone. However, within days it acknowledged, “challenging” manufacturing issues and said the white model would be behind until late July. It later reviewed that to the end of 2010. The company has started shipping the white iPhone 4 just months before it revealed the iPhone 5.