Apple To Refresh MacBook Lineup


mac Apple To Refresh MacBook LineupAccording to some online reports, Apple is refreshing the MacBook Pro and reject the MacBook Air lineup. MacBook Pro models will be incorporated with a USB-C type port that was introduced by Apple under much controversy in 2015 March with the MacBook. The report also mentioned a dyke of the 11-inch MacBook Air. An OLED touch bar was rumored on the new MacBook Pro that will replace the conventional function keys with a row of application specific command keys.


October 27 is the most cited date for the MacBook refresh date. It was not certain if the company will roll out new notebooks with the desired features said the analysts. Apple has hosted a modest event in its headquarters at California for releasing up of new systems. Jan Dawson an analyst said in a statement that the company would only host an event if it had decided to change its description and messaging about the Mac and how personal computers fit in with the rest of its efforts.


In the last four quarters that the company has reported earnings, Mac has contributed a small but significant amount to Apple’s revenue. Considering the numbers the contribution was only 9 percent and 13 percent of the total revenue.