Apple to release ios 12 update with many new features on Sep.17

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Apple_to_release_ios_12_update_with_many_new_features_on_Sep.17-300x169 Apple to release ios 12 update with many new features on Sep.17Apple comes up with another upgrade to its ios. On Wednesday Apple announced iOS 12 version will be released for iPhone, iPad. IOS 12 software update comes for free that should begin showing up on Sept. 17.

The announcement came before Apple announced a series of new iPhones: The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The update that was first announced in last June, focussed on performance improvements and minor bugs particularly for older iOS devices. IOS 12 includes many other cool features like grouped notifications, changes to Do Not Disturb mode, and the ability for users to program Siri to carry out a series of tasks at a fraction of time.

iOS 12 sets up a new shortcut app where users can link a series of tasks like locking the on-screen, turn on a lamp, begin playlist or sending a message to any individual with one single Siri-command. In ios, 12 notifications are grouped based on the app installed. Apple also brings up the ability to change whether to display notifications of apps on the lock screen or not directly from an alert.

Screen time making is another significant feature in ios 12, where this feature aims to bring attention that how much times the user is spending on a particular device or a series of devices in a particular time. Screen Time also enables parental controls to limit to perform child access to some particular apps even when the device can be used overall.

Now, ios 12 improvised with security and unlock time for face detection lock also it included the ability to add up to 32 people to video chat at the same time. Another major improvement coming in iOS 12 is to the Messages app to enable Memoji to the maximum level, here instead of lions or other animated objects, users can create their own life-like cartoon character of him/her which also supports video recording or taking photos using the Emoji, and it share it via Messages app.