Apple’s AI Integration, Better Late Than Never

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Apple’s-AI-Integration-Better-Late-Than-Never1-300x129 Apple’s AI Integration, Better Late Than NeverThe downside of keeping the products a secret has been understood by Apple after it Apple Maps catastrophe. The company has made changes significantly because of this. Previously the company was never reached the expected audiences it needed but now they are. Last summer the company launched iOS Public beta with iOS 9 and has continued that trend with iOS 10 as well this fall.


Tim Cook CEO of Apple said in a statement that the company has bigger plans for the Maps considering the app is stable now. But didn’t exactly said what is on the table for the Maps app. But it is expected that there is something related to AI considering the company’s recent acquisitions.


With iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra Apple has introduced facial recognition in the photos app. since AI is trending in the Silicon Valley and Apple competitors Google and Microsoft have already incorporated the artificial intelligence into their Smart voice assistants it’s about time the company took the step. But what is really leading the AI voice assistance is the Alexa from Amazon which the company has taken beyond its own hardware and to other platforms. As of now, Apples AI involvement is subtle.