Apple’s iBook popped on iPhones with the release of latest iOS 12

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Apple’s_iBook_popped_on_iPhones_with_the_release_of_latest_iOS_12-300x172 Apple’s iBook popped on iPhones with the release of latest iOS 12Apple released its latest iOS 12 software version globally to download for Apple devices. With this release, Apple had improvised its iBook app which is now called Apple Books that had popped up on iPhones across the world today with the latest software update. This new app is now equipped with five tabs that are likely to be:

• Reading Now
• Library, Book Store
• Search
• For the first time
• A dedicated Audiobooks tab.
Apple iBook is previewed in earlier days of June, where the company said it’s about to sleek new look that form “biggest books redesign ever.” Stock UI that was coupled with larger images, gives the app a more modern feel and a better experience overall when compared to the previous version. More importantly, now Apple sets a better competition with other audio/e-book apps owned by Amazon.

In this iBook Store, users can explore through recently released titles and best-selling books that also includes curated collections and special offers that are available in 51 countries in addition to free books that are available in 155 countries to readily download. Apple Books will also send you personalized recommendations based on your activity making iBook a lot cool feature where you can download titles and engage with the app. Nowadays Audiobooks are becoming more popular today than when Apple launched the first iBook in 2010 and are very much deserving of their own tab.