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Apple’s New Year Resolutions For 2017

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Apple’s-New-Year-Resolutions-For-2017-300x129 Apple’s New Year Resolutions For 2017The difficulties that followed Apple for almost a year led it to take decisions to shore up many of its products exteriorto the core iOS portable offerings. The smartwatch category drags while Apple Watch getting a new interface. Apple didn’t get an integrated Apple Television Service but certainly a new content navigation app. The annual iPhone update is quite unexpected as there is not much of change apart from a revised Home button with an odd click feel and dual cameras.


Apple being more than an iPhone company need to mind the other products too. However, when it comes to revenue return non-other is even close to the iPhone in Apple’s portfolio. As we are about to witness its 10th anniversary and smartphone diffusion grows, competitive challenges to the iPhone have never been greater.


The company needs to integrate Siri more deeply.Chatbotsbeing given focus on one natural choice for the company is the iMessage. Nevertheless, the voice assistant Siri from Apple has more potential than any other. Only a handful of apps in Apple’s portfolio is integrated into Siri today. The company needs to put more effort as its competitors are pitching in more functionalities.