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Apple’s Partnership With SAP & More

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Apple’s-Partnership-With-SAP-More-300x129 Apple’s Partnership With SAP & MoreA steady stream of IT service industry leaders and enterprise software helps Apple to gain enterprise momentum. The buzz surrounding new consumer-focused product launches the media has not assembled at the magnitude expected. For the global electronics leader upside revenue potential is provided by the new alliances. The company has made a deal with the IT- service and consulting firm Deloitte in the series of latest partnerships. A service called Enterprise Next will be accessed by more than 5,000 Deloitte advisers, which will help them to advise clients on how to use Apple services and products in a better way.


A partnership has been secured between SAP SE the German Enterprise software leader and Apple earlier this May. Emphasis energies on constructing iOS apps that influence cloud-based types of SAP’s HANA in-memory database. To incorporate the iPhone with Cisco’s conferencing hardware and association Apple joined forces with the legacy networking leader Cisco Systems Inc. in 2015. Nevertheless, IBM Corp. assured to develop more than hundred industry-specific iOS solutions for the customers and resell Apple hardware is perhaps Apple’s biggest enterprise deal till date.


Slowing demand for smartphones poses a risk for the tech giant as Apple’s iPhone continues to comprise two-thirds of the company’s total sales. The company reported a 40.4 million iPhone sold which is down from last year’s 47.5 million.