Applied Insight Acquires Stratus Solutions and ATG To Boost Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Advanced Analytics Capabilities

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Applied-Insight-Acquires-Stratus_Solutions-and-ATG-To-Boost-Artificial-Intelligence-Cloud-and-Advanced-Analytics-Capabilities Applied Insight Acquires Stratus Solutions and ATG To Boost Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Advanced Analytics CapabilitiesApplied Insight, formerly recognized as a market leader in solving complex technical challenges for federal government customers, has acquired Applied Technology Group (ATG) and Stratus Solutions. Through this acquisition, Applied Insight’s advanced Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics capabilities will strengthen and also to benefit its customers across the defense, intelligence, and federal civilian communities.

Backed by The Acacia Group, Applied Insight said that the acquisitions of two companies underscore the latest development in the company’s strategy of developing an agile mid-market business supporting the federal government. Applied Insight CEO John Hynes called ATG and Stratus acquisitions as highly accomplished problem-solvers and innovators in Cloud and data and will support in their company’s missions. He said that his company knows the challenge of working with poised in the Cloud and Big Data for actionable intelligence are extensive across government. Further, the company particularly exhilarated by the potential of what they can act collectively as part of Applied Insight. Based in Eldersburg, Maryland, ATG employs around 80 software engineers and data specialists with roots in the U.S. national security community. Founded in 2009, ATG’s analytics expertise spans across Machine Learning/Deep Learning, high-speed data collection and repository building, complex algorithm R&D, Cloud Computing and DevOps. The company maintains a widespread knowledge of the latest data technologies to support customers navigate to the right tools for their mission.

Stratus Solutions, founded in 1-year ago to ATG in Fulton, Maryland. The company has around 100-member team, with particular expertise in Cloud infrastructure, research, and development of analytics, agile DevOps, and intelligent automation. Additionally, Stratus Solutions specialized in cloud-at-scale solutions which offer customers greater command and control, insight, and security for their Public and Private Cloud implementations.