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AR Outplays VR In Data Visualization World

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AR-Outplays-VR-In-Data-Visualization-World-300x129 AR Outplays VR In Data Visualization WorldAugmented Reality outplays Virtual Reality when it comes to enterprise data visualization believes Rosstin Murphy, Software Engineer at IBM. The transportational nature of Virtual Reality makes it less suited for business applications. Augmented Reality is transformational it will transform the present world and allow you to interact with stuff which makes more sense in the business world. AR headset enables users to interact with objects on their desk mentioned Murphy during the Virtual Reality Developers Conference in San Francisco. For people who want to get the work done while reaping the benefits of hardware like HoloLens from Microsoft, this is more important. AR will be most helpful for visualizing data in the three-dimensional world that is very important for researchers. Software that collects data from IBM’s analysis tools and allows users to envision it in 3-D is what Murphy is working on.


Murphy moved to the HoloLens even though he started the data visualization in Virtual Reality under the guidance of the management. He said, as unwilling as he was to begin working with the HoloLens, but once really started at work with it, he was certainly overwhelmed. He believes the third dimension interaction with the database will solve the current problems that the data scientists are stuck with.