Argrace to Showcase AI+IoT Smart Home Solutions at CES 2019

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Argrace_to_Showcase-AIIoT-Smart-Home-Solutions-at-CES-2019 Argrace to Showcase AI+IoT Smart Home Solutions at CES 2019Argrace, an internet company providing one-stop smart home solutions powered by AI, big data, and cloud computing for the real estate industry, announced to showcase their “living house” concept for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show –CES 2019, to be held on Jan. 8th -11th 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, enabling CES attendees witness a first-hand experience of how homes of the future will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company focuses mainly on building innovative solutions to elevate the smart home living experience by enabling various connected home devices. The company’s products continually analyze each family members’ behavior patterns and optimize user experience accordingly based on the individual’s preferences. For instance, the company’s smart house intelligence is capable of playing customized music at a fitting temperature with appropriate ambient lighting, all as per the individual’s preferences, thus offering a personalized user service.

Apart from its product’s ability to provide a personalized user experience, Argrace has a strong advantage, in the compatibility section. The open platform’s compatibility of home appliances is far fletching with the company already signing connection agreements with industry biggies like ZigBee, Bluetooth, Modbus and NB-IoT among others. Argrace’s platform, unlike other entities in the smart home industry, provides a seamless experience for users based on AIoT technology.