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Aristotle, A Voice Assistant For Children

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Aristotle-A-Voice-Assistant-For-Children-300x129 Aristotle, A Voice Assistant For ChildrenThe world’s largest toy maker by revenue Mattel is in process of manufacturing a Google Home and Amazon Echo like Smart home assistant but only for children. The device will be dubbedAristotle. The device is expected to hit the stores in the month of June and with a price tag of $300. The price is particularly high when it is compared to other devices in its genre such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, which are retailed at $130 and $180 respectively. However, Aristotle comes bundled with a camera akin to a smart baby monitor, which can also distinguish items in the environment, comprise other Mattel toys. The ability of Aristotle to understand the speech of young children is the main pitch. Such ability is not available with the other two devices. Robb Fujioka, SVP, and chief products officer at Mattel said, “It was one of the core things we tried to resolve from the get go”.


Accent and things like that is a prime point of concern for many voice-controlled devices. Nevertheless, with Aristotle, it is even difficult as the audience said words that are a different on person basis in a completely new different level. To do this, Mattel dependson particular voice training, which encompasses the children reciting one paragraph to Aristotle so it can understand them better.