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ARM Contributed For The IoT Device Security

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ARM-Contributed-For-The-IoT-Device-Security-300x129 ARM Contributed For The IoT Device SecurityMost companies deploying IoT devices need help. In addition, it is proved that Internet of Things spans all parts of IT is demonstrated by the attack on DDoS by the IoT devices. At its annual TechCon event in Silicon Valley ARM, a big chunk of IoT and the chip manufacturing company for almost every smartphone. Low power, small devices like security cameras and sensors are the most noticeable part of IoT, and they’re right in ARM’s wheelhouse as the dominant force in low-power chips. The company has offered a cloud-based SaaS service instead of edge device or chip on Wednesday. IoT is contingent on back-end skills as much as edge devices and the organization wants to play a role in all of it.


Setup encryption key provisioning, handling device connections and firmware updates is being controlled by the SaaS platform known as mbed Cloud. For any or all these functions can be used by the vendors who sell IoT devices. In addition, of some extra work it will be capable of serving non-ARM devices as well. Thousands of connected devices were used by the hackers to build botnets for the recent DDoS attack. The same default password in all the devices made the hackers job easy.