Armstrong International Launches SAGE-UMT, An RFID-Enabled Steam Trap Testing Solution

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Armstrong_International_Launches_SAGE-UMT_An_RFID-Enabled_Steam_Trap_Testing_Solution Armstrong International Launches SAGE-UMT, An RFID-Enabled Steam Trap Testing SolutionArmstrong International, in a recent statement, announced the launch of SAGE UMT, a wireless handheld steam trap testing solution that enables accurate, on-the-go testing of steam trap performance. The testing solution leverages RFID technology to identify and locate steam traps, quickly and easily. The handheld device has a piezoelectric acoustic and non-contact infrared temperature sensor, which accurately and precisely detect steam traps in good, cold, blow-through and leaking conditions.

According to Kurt Armstrong, Armstrong International’s chief information officer, the SAGE UMT device is a state-of-the-art technology, which is aimed at eliminating guesswork and save the precious long enduring hours it takes to survey, test and record steam trap performance, thus providing a seamless experience to technicians.

The handheld solution comes with Armstrong’s SAGE Smart Thermal Utility System Management platform integration capability, and can wirelessly, via a Bluetooth connection, sync to the SAGE Mobile app to provide real-time diagnostics. Also, the integration eliminates the need to manually enter offline steam trap survey data collection, which will be a boon to technicians and will weed out errors in data entry. The data collected by the handheld device can be instantly uploaded to the cloud, for secure storage and ongoing steam trap analysis in order to support system-wide utility management.

The SAGE UMT is rugged, water-resistant, and designed with ergonomic features, such as a rubberized ribbed grip handle, and a holster that keeps the unit secure and protected. The handheld device can operate for 10 hours or more on a single charge.