Army plans for hypersonic missiles

Army secretary plans to implement Hypersonic Missiles immensely for Next 10Years

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Army-plans-for-hypersonic-missiles-300x108 Army secretary plans to implement Hypersonic Missiles immensely for Next 10YearsThe secretary of the US Army wants to expedite research into hypersonic missile technology and other advanced weapons as part of the service’s modernization for its offensive and defensive fires.
Army Secretary Mark Esper told reporters at a Defence Writers Group in Washington that, “Hypersonic Missiles are capable of achieving five times greater acceleration than regular missiles which is the key factor to target long-range precision fires at the strategic level that we need to ensure overmatch in future conflicts he appreciated the cross-functional team adding that the other services are also working together on the technology for redeveloping a new generation of long-range precision fires that the Army is especially waiting and hopes to develop and field hypersonic weapons by 2028.
The Army is moving immensely towards the advanced missile technology with an ambitious plan to modernize its fleet of combat systems. In addition to long-range precision fires and air and missile defense technology, the service has also employed special cross-functional teams to focus on its next-generation combat vehicle.
He also mentioned that the Army is also trying to accelerate efforts in developing directed energy weapons ensuring that is the future for the most part because of the volume and speed of shots and powerful lasers to be installed on vehicles that fire instantly because they create a challenge to travel a great distance, depending on their power so that soldiers experiment with it and see how they can best use it…. “We have some advanced missiles that are under testing scenario but within a few years, I want to get something out there, I want to get it out in a very short time to be the US as the first country than getting it in the later years.