Artificial Intelligence Adoption Trends and Predictions In Marketing Industry

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Artificial_Intelligence_Adoption-Trends-and-Predictions-In-Marketing-Industry Artificial Intelligence Adoption Trends and Predictions In Marketing IndustryAccording to Brian Schoeneman, Vice President of Strategy at Haatzama Marketing Artificial Intelligence, this year, will keep on making a splash in the marketing industry. It’ll enable marketers to access grave insights regarding their target audiences and automate customer acquisition procedures. By embracing AI to automate customer journeys and efficiently garner deeper audience insights, marketers will be bolstered to compel enduring business impact.

Several companies, over the few last years, have invested a hefty amount in powering new emerging technologies that allow customers to comprehend and counter to an influx of demographic and behavior data, as well as sprouting customer preferences. Most of the marketers are devastated by the data deluge. As per the Deloitte and American Marketing Association’s recent survey, AI adoption in the midst of CMOs will augment by 63 percent over the next three years. AI will offer transparency and make a path to a transformation where marketing and sales teams have been struggling for but few of them have accomplished. Marketers, these days, face an inimitable challenge in the business landscape. As data-driven customer insights have boosted at a rapid rate, it’s resulting in a stronger yearning for personalized customer communications and experiences than ever before.

For marketing and sales teams, the intricacy of taking direct-to-consumer approach increases in B2B sales cycles with more nuanced committee-driven buying decisions. Previously, marketing firms that purposefully architected their databases and considerately curated what data elements capturing fruitfully delivered germane 1-to-1 customer journeys. However, given the data deluge, re-architecting databases and parsing pertinent data elements become unwieldy and unreachable. Therefore, marketing and sales teams need to leverage the power of AI in 2019 to assist resolve these issues.