Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2019

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Artificial_Intelligence_Predictions_for_2019 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2019Artificial Intelligence technologies like biometric systems, smart voice assistants and facial recognition are the talk of the world and it features significantly in predictions for the year 2019. The recent surveys by consulting firms and other observers of the tech scene showed some key findings.

According to the Deloitte findings, smart speakers lead the way to the AI-infused home of the future. Amazon Echo and Google Home will become the fastest-growing connected device category, with an installed base expected to go beyond 250 billion units by the end of 2019. With sales of 164 million units at an average selling price of USD43 per unit, total smart speaker revenues will surpass USD7 billion, up from 63 percent in 2018. As per other findings, 47 percent of businesses executives responded that their companies have embedded at least one AI capability in their work procedures and about 21 percent replied their businesses have embedded AI in numerous sections of the business. While another 31 percent said they are piloting AI capabilities.

The PwC survey report found that 20 percent of business executives expressed that their organizations will deploy AI across the business through 2019. Deloitte findings further revealed that in 2019, nearly 70 percent of businesses will obtain AI capabilities, through the Cloud. Cloud-based AI software and services will make it easier for businesses to take advantage of AI, speeding up their adoption and scattering their benefits. And 65 percent will build AI applications utilizing Cloud-based development services.