Artificial Intelligence Qualification Can Help Law Firms To Develop AI-powered Business Systems

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Artificial_Intelligence-Qualification-Can-Help-Law-Firms-To-Develop-AI-powered-Business-Systems Artificial Intelligence Qualification Can Help Law Firms To Develop AI-powered Business SystemsTaylor Wessing, an international law firm with 33 offices internationally, is applying Artificial Intelligence across the organization and seeks to train employees in the AI approach so they can build AI-powered business systems. Companies have classified a solemn AI skills gap that 69 percent of enterprises have explained as moderate, major or extreme, owing to the complexity involved in identifying skilled people to drive their new AI-based business models.

IT Director at Taylor Wessing, Kevin Harris stated that AI has the ability to lessen the lawyers’ time spend on assessing 100-pages or filled with technical lawful jargon of documents. He further said that his company is utilizing AI widely in looking at things like lease appraisal. They have got large document stores where there’s a multiple of compound lawful terms and the AI is really aiding the company to sort out those legal terms. The law firm is utilizing an AI platform from Rainbird that is also offering a formal certification program that leads to a three-stage AI qualification, in an effort to up-skill Taylor Wessing’s workforce and squeeze technological change in an optimistic manner. Furthermore, the training will enable Taylor Wessing to build AI-enabled business solutions by means of its employees’ new-found expertise. Harris noted that the program was especially valuable for the company’s technologies because it provides them certifications. Though, the certification program can help common employees too, not just an organization’s technologists.

The program is not restricted to customers from the legal sector and has been firmly designed to swathe AI tech more broadly rather than just the Rainbird platform itself. The program is framed into three stages of learning, starting broadly and becoming more superior and adapted as a student progresses through each. In the very first, Foundation Certificate, as an entry-level qualification designed to provide customers a basic insight of how AI works and its potential uses. Then comes the Professional Certificate and the Architect Certificate. Additionally, the company said that this meticulous structure came from working with clients to realize what successful AI deployment looks like.