Artificial Intelligence Will Now Control Quantum Computers

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Artificial_-Intelligence_-Will-_Now-_Control_-Quantum_-Computers Artificial Intelligence Will Now Control Quantum ComputersResearchers are actively participating in AI projects day by day and bringing about many new advancements in technology. Recently, researchers have presented a quantum error correction system which is capable of learning with the help of artificial intelligence. With the help of quantum physics, AI and Neural networks will enable error correction strategies for computers.

Quantum computers are known to solve complex tasks which are not capable of any conventional computer. But, we need to note that quantum states are extremely sensitive to constant interference from their environment. This can be tackled by using active protection based on quantum error correction. Following this lead Florian Marquardt, Director at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, and his team are now out with a quantum error correction system that is capable of learning. Briefly, to explain, the basis for quantum information is the quantum bit or qubit which cannot only adopt the two states zero and one but also superposition both the states.  A quantum computer’s processor comprises of multiple superimposed qubits in a joint statement which produces tremendous processing power to solve certain complex tasks. However, the drawback is that quantum information is highly sensitive to noise followed by other peculiarities. This can be controlled by regularly repairing the quantum information through quantum error correction. These operations are not only complex but also leave the quantum information intact.

Besides error correction in quantum computers, Florian has also featured other applications to ease artificial intelligence. He views physics as a medium to offer many systems the benefit of pattern recognition by artificial neural networks.