Asavie ventures deep into the IoT Market with Verizon

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Asavie-ventures-deep-into-the-IoT-Market-with-Verizon Asavie ventures deep into the IoT Market with VerizonAsavie, a Dublin-based software company that specializes in secure Enterprise Mobility and IoT Connectivity, in a recent press release statement, on Monday, Feb. 25th 2019, announced immediate availability of its secure IoT connectivity service, Asavie IoT Connect®, from Verizon for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small to medium to large enterprises. The Asavie IoT Connect enables businesses to securely scale and manage their IoT projects.

The IoT connectivity service is an on-demand service enabling businesses to remove their IoT devices from the vicinity of the public Internet. The service provides a complete shielding of IoT devices by moving all data traffic off the public internet, safeguarding both the IoT device and data from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), malware, and ransomware attacks. Furthermore, Asavie IoT Connect simplifies integrating cellular IoT edge devices with the cloud enabling businesses offering quick scalability of deployments to meet the market demand, without any investment or the need to re-engineer network or security settings. The IoT connectivity service even benefits Mobile network operators with reduced costs by automating the delivery process of private network-based connectivity to their customers.

According to Chris Isbell, Field Communications Coordinator, with joint customer, Howard Energy Partner, Asavie IoT Connect enabled them to immediately take out their estate of IoT monitoring devices from the line of fire and simplified the security patch updates process through a single command & control console. Concluding, Chris said that from now on they won’t be deploying any new kit without first ensuring if it is running on Asavie IoT Connect.