AT&T Announces Collaboration with Blues Wireless to Develop Notecard

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ATT-Announces-Collaboration-with-Blues-Wireless-to-Develop-Notecard AT&T Announces Collaboration with Blues Wireless to Develop NotecardAT&T, a Dallas, Texas-based world’s largest telecommunications company, in a recent press release statement, announced that it’ll be collaborating with Blues Wireless, a startup founded by Ray Ozzie, former CTO and Chief Software Architect at Microsoft, to develop Notecard, a System-on-Module (SOM) single solution featuring prepaid cellular connectivity, secure communications, low-power hardware design, and simple software design. The SOM solution will be provided by AT&T’s LTE-M and soon-to-launch NB-IoT network connectivity.

The Notecard is expected to ease the burden for developers of varied commercial and industrial products, allowing them to offer embedded global connectivity into their products. Let it be battery-powered, fixed, or mobile, almost all the products can be cloud-connected and secured with the Notecard solution, allowing network connectivity to a plethora of devices such as home appliances, alarm systems, meters, tank level controls, construction equipment, HVAC systems, locks and gates, vending machines, and applications, to increase the efficiency of operations and bring in transparency across supply chains.

According to Ozzie, the Notecard SOM solution will attract businesses looking to economically provide cloud-support to their products and to get a clear view of their operations. Adding further Ozzie said that integrating cellular will now be even easier than Wi-Fi.

As per John Donovan, CEO, AT&T Communications, the company’s low-power wide-area networks (LP-WANs) over LTE are built for IoT. They’re efficient at delivering better indoor coverage along with longer battery life and other efficiencies. With Notecard it will be a simple and economical experience for AT&T’s customers to put IoT solutions to work.