Audi To Communicate With Traffic Signals

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Audi-To-Communicate-With-Traffic-Signals-300x129 Audi To Communicate With Traffic SignalsNow your Audi can tell you when the traffic light can turn green. Being the world’s first vehicle to infrastructure communications (V2I) it is a big improvement for the automotive industry. Models like Audi’s Q7 and A4 will be shipped with this new tech on board from 2016 onwards.


While nearing a traffic signal your car will receive real-time data from the light post. The car’s computer will decide whether the data received is sufficient to predict the changing of the signal because the data can be complex. Depending on its decision it will start a countdown timer on the instrument cluster. Pom Malhotra, GM of connectivity Audi, said in a statement if the driver knows the time left for the signal to change they can act accordingly and rest your eyes and hand a quick break.


Audi is working with the agency which manages traffic lights in the US and Portland’s TTS (Traffic Technology solution) and the company has tested the tech on over 100 cars. Due to the complex infrastructure component of traffic light information, the company will roll out the tech in metropolitan cities slowly but surely.


This service will not be free and all Audi cars will not get this facility. The price of the package will be 6 months $199 and 30 months $370.