Automaker Ford To Expand Its Self-Driving Program In Austin

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Automaker_Ford-To-Expand-Its-Self-Driving-Program-In-Austin Automaker Ford To Expand Its Self-Driving Program In AustinAutomaker Company Ford is planning to launch driverless cars in Austin as it continues to ramp up testing ahead of launching an autonomous taxi and delivery service in 2021. With this launch, Austin would be the 5th city to join the cities like Detroit, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C. as Ford’s testing location. The Dearborn, Michigan-based company has taken a more realistic approach to deploy driverless cars than adversary companies. As others focus mostly on the vehicles themselves, Ford is attempting to build everything required making self-driving cars into a profitable business.

Ford’s production autonomous car will be utilized in ride-sharing and delivery services, rather than being sold to individual buyers. Furthermore, other companies are now planning similar uses; in it first comes, Waymo that already operating a ride-hailing service in Arizona. But Ford seeks at more monotonous things, from managing and maintaining a large fleet of vehicles to engaging with customers, required to release such services. Even, the Blue Oval has made partnerships with Domino’s, Postmates, and Walmart to test out delivery services. For this, it has deployed fake driverless cars to see how customers react to a delivery service that takes humans out of the sphere. The automaker, in Miami, developed a devoted self-driving vehicle terminal, which could serve as a prototype for other facilities if self-driving cars to become mainstream.

According to reports, if Ford will deploy its autonomous cars in Austin, it will likely pursue a similar pattern to the cities where the test program already operates. Unlike other companies that have launched autonomous vehicle pilots in the US, Ford is pursuing two parallels tracks that will eventually coalesce ahead of its commercial launch in the year 2021. Apart from the development to deploy self-driving cars, Ford faces a plethora of competition from its rivalries, including its old rival General Motors (GM).