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Automobile Users Are Agreeable Pay For Data-Enabled Services

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Microsoft-To-Make-Hardware-For-Quantum-Computing-300x129 Automobile Users Are Agreeable Pay For Data-Enabled ServicesAccording to a new survey mobility app users and car buyers on the throughout the world are willing to share personal information despite knowing the issues involving data privacy. More than 3,000 consumers from Germany, US and China admitted that they are aware of the fact that certain data are openly accessible using acertain application such as address-book, current location, browser history etc. 79 percent of these consumers said they have consciously provided access to these applications. American consumers appeared somewhat more responsible towards these issues than their German and Chinese counterparts. The result remains the same when auto related apps were considered for sharing personal data. However, there is a twist, in this case, the users said as long as their consumer needs were met sharing data is fine.


For instance, 70% of Americans were agreeable to share their personal data for the most popular app among those surveyed connected, navigation services, while 90% of Chinese respondents would share personal data to permit predictive maintenance that is the most widespread use-case possibility in that country. Respondents are also willing to pay for numerous data enabled features according to the survey. 73 percent and 78 percent said positively about data-enabled services in Germany and China respectively.