Avaya Adds Two New Partners To Its A.I.Connect Program

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Avaya_Adds-Two-New-partners-To-Its-A.I.Connect-Program Avaya Adds Two New Partners To Its A.I.Connect ProgramAvaya, a Santa Clara-based multinational technology company, has announced two new partners, Knowmail and over.ai, to its A.I.Connect program. With its new partners, Avaya reached a total of 10 partners and strengthening its messages about the significance of Artificial Intelligence for unified communications and in the contact center.

Knowmail and over.ai bring a range of capabilities to Avaya, where Knomail utilizes AI to personalize and prioritize email, deciding what is and what isn’t significant to a workforce based on usage. Knowmail can drive important emails, conferences, and tasks to a desktop phone, computer, or messaging app.  This is an absolute use case for Avaya’s Vantage phone, allowing users to triage their incoming mail and meeting schedules without having to ever go into their Inboxes.

While over.ai is an AI-powered voice solution intended to allow companies to get more benefit from their customer interactions. The product suite encompasses a personal digital assistant that can pick calls and then be opened to take action with a keyword if needed; an AI voice response system that utilizes advanced NPL (Natural Language Processing) to enable the seamless transfer of customer interactions to a machine from human; and a voice agent for conference calls. Specialized in business communications, especially unified communications, contact center, and services, the American Tech Company will apply over.ai to streamline communications tasks on its platforms through listening, understanding, and learning from its own ecosystem.

Avaya, looking forward, said that it will concentrate on AI allies that can allow the Easy Prioritization where enabling workforces to address huge amounts of contents like email, messages, IM, and call by effectively prioritizing and answering to the most pressing items first; Smart Communications; Streamlined Interactions; and  Optimized decision making.